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We offer and support the latest in EMV solutions

Wireless and Mobile solutions

Wireless and Mobile solutions

We also offer wireless, bluetooth and mobile app pay solutions.

VAR Support

VAR Support

EPS is supports the top POS providers in the industry

Virtual Terminal and Mobile

Virtual Terminal and Mobile

We offer several Virtual Terminal and mobile app solutions.


We support a wide range of standalone point-of-sale , including mobility solutions, VAR integration and for most market industries. 
Call us now for a quote 1-888-744-6616
Supported Industries


  • Restaurant

  • Retail

  • Lodging

  • MOTO

Standalone Solutions


  • High-speed / Dial

  • Wireless

  • Bluetooth

  • Phone / Tablet

  • Virtual Terminal

We provide fast and reliable solutions for the retail, restaurant, mail order and hospitality industry. Our full line of services support credit and debit authorizations and can be excepted using dial, IP, virtual terminal, mobile and gateway solutions.
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